‘Friend’ is probably one of the best words of English dictionary and so is a friend. This little word of six letters contains the whole world. Can you imagine a life without friends?

It’s not possible to have a great life without them. The whole life is surrounded with friends. From the day we take birth on this planet to the day we die, we are completely surrounded with them. They make the boredom special with the appealing memories and melt our heart even when they are not with us. They are an essential part of our life just as is breathing. You might die without air but you would not be able to live without friends. A friend can be anyone who loves you, understands you and supports you. It can be your father, mother, sister, brother or any other person who you confide in.

In every step of life, we need friends. When we are kids we need them to come to school with us. When we are teens, we need to cheat during exams, celebrate our birthdays and play games. As we grow and go to attend college, they are the ones who know most of our secret crushes and help us to spend time with them as much as possible. They are nonstop radios that keep on speaking nonstop. We do so many things together during college that makes us fall in love with life more and more.

Most importantly, in every stage of life we need suggestions and advices from our friends whenever life puts a puzzle in front of us. They keep our secrets, unconditionally support us, love us and can fight with the sun or climb the mountain for us. We may have different opinions and sometimes we even fight with each other but this unconditional relationship has no end. From planning trips, long drives, eating outside food, unstoppable gossips, whatsapp forwards, facebook likes, twitter retweets and not to forget the support they provide in the time of need, they are everywhere.

All in all, they give us the feeling of being important on this earth and make us feel ourselves worthy of life. A happy life on this planet isn’t possible without friends.

An old saying “A good friend is like a library”

(Call your friend with whom you have not spoken for long regardless of the reason. He might be waiting for your call)

Keep Smiling😊


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