In the days of yore, people were much true, believable and trustworthy in comparison to now. Also, people and print media were the only source of news or spreading thoughts or ideas. But now, we are technology driven people. We have become much more advanced. We have radio, TV, computer, smartphone and most important, Internet. Now, it takes seconds to reach a piece of information to millions of people.


Imagine! If the information is false or part of an organised propaganda. It happens, indeed. People sitting in a chair can spread any sort of thought in a fraction of seconds. They are mostly hatred speeches, thoughts or activities to create disturbance in the society. And they do it on the behest of their bosses who pay them regularly. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons for literate people joining terrorist groups and involving in attacks.


Our immediate reaction to such news (which is mostly anger) has paved the way for those who believe in pestering peace and creating tensions.

Websites publicise fake news just to get online traffic and boost their business. Sometimes, even the prominent media houses pick information from Whatsapp forwards and websites, believe it immediately, transform it into a full fledged story and throw it to the viewers’ face. Later on, few media houses research on it, find it false and then, they apologise for their most “important” story which was run continually for the whole day.  It is not a hidden thing now that media houses cover fake stories just for money or TRP.

Credibility of media houses is declining day by day.


A flamboyant media house, being broadcasted worldwide over more than 200 countries has said that it would better be late with the truth than immediate with faux.

Whenever, we switch on the TV or social media, there is a war like situation. You feel like we are just a step away from third world war which might lead to the end of mankind or even more horrible. Hurling abuses online has also become a new fad. People are sharing non sense without cross checking it. Somebody should tell them that if Facebook says “What’s on your mind”, it doesn’t mean you will throw shit in others’ news feed.


But as you switch off and come to real life, you realise that everything is fine. Look outside! Kids are still demanding more toys and chocolates. That group of friends walking along the road is just like as ours used to be; talking, giggling and hopping. The pizza delivery boy is going to deliver the much awaited food at some door. And look at him! That uncle, your neighbour, is still fat and loves his wife the same way he used to before ten years.


So, moral of the story is not to take anything serious. Rather, take it easy. Or if there comes a news pertaining to you directly or indirectly and it annoys you, just search more about it instead of believing instantly and losing cool. Especially, search more before you share anything on social media or with other people.

Beware! Don’t fall into the trap.

Keep Smiling😊😊



Image: Internet


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