Ten Seconds

Ten seconds. It takes just ten seconds to make someone realise that they are important to you. After a huge vocal slug-fest saying a sorry takes merely ten seconds out of your busiest schedule. It takes barely ten seconds to appreciate someone’s efforts. It takes ten seconds to hug and tell them that they are important to you. It only takes ten seconds to ask them for a coffee. It really takes ten seconds to say “I love you” to make someone realise that they mean to you.


Did you ever think that ten seconds can make someone’s day? Maybe NO. Perhaps, we are so busy in our lives and mundane chores that we forget that we are here to live life not just to spend it.

These ten seconds are so important. It may not make any difference to you but to them, it may make the whole day wonderful. Out of 86400 seconds of a day, just ten seconds doesn’t really matter. You can get these ten seconds while walking, drinking coffee, ascending stairs or entering one room to another or even reading this blog!


The closest people to us crave just our ten seconds and it can make a significant change in their life. The tiniest span can multiply their joy several times who love you infinite and wait for your attention and appreciation.

What are you waiting for? You still have ten seconds!


Image: Internet


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