Friends for Life

And then I realised, you don’t need forty friends at all. Four friends are enough.

It’s far better to have just four friends if they want to see you grow, help you to escalate yourself to the next level, guide you, motivate you and you get to learn from them. The four friends should be the ones who know every ugliest moment of yours, your silliest mistake, the finest act, scratch marks on your right hand and scars on your heart that someone gifted you when you were in school or college or on the excursion of life. Those friends to whom you can reveal anything even that argument your parents had at the dinner last night, to whom you can talk upon anything and they don’t get annoyed. And even if they get irritated with your boring talks and ask you to stop annoying them anymore, you don’t get upset rather you keep driving them mad.

Best friends for life (2)

No! I am not asking you to stop talking to people. Nope. Not at all. Get to know people as much as you can. In fact, the more people you come to know about, the more cultures you discover, the more places you visit, the more you learn. But don’t expect from everyone. Don’t get naked with everyone like your secrets are as important as your body and so are your thoughts. So don’t get naked with everyone mentally. Not everyone you know is your friend.

Those four friends should be the ones who have something new to offer you every moment, may it be knowledge, guidance, happiness or something else. No matter how much time you spend with them yet you never get bored of them and there is always an excitement when they call on your phone and ask you to catch up.

To whom you can abuse just to refresh your mood and they don’t feel belittled or denigrated at all. Instead, they laugh and ask you “Why are you not OK?” or they begin hurling counter-abuses on you. Like the four best friends.

Best friends for life

Life is short or maybe too short. So, don’t waste time in making new best friends every other day whom you have to explain your life till date that why you are like this, your childhood or your family. That would be so cumbersome. Keep those four friends for life.

Keep Smiling😊



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