The Amazing Journey of Twenty Five Years

            Sometimes, life brings you to a much unexpected situation and the path of the whole journey gets completely diverted from which it was supposed to be. When I say this, I remember my journey so far.

            I had dreamed of being a teacher when I was eight or so. I, obviously, was influenced of my teachers. As I grew up, began to admire Civil Services.  I went to college to get a graduation certificate of a Computer Science Engineer. After finishing college, I entered the real world of tests. I had to ponder over my future. I was thinking upon the options available when the private sector especially IT industry scared me. The work pressure in IT is really frightening. A picture got painted in my mind that one can earn money in IT as much as he wants but definitely on the cost of personal and social life which was certainly not acceptable to me. The picture was really daunting.

            Despite everything, I had to choose the path which I had to travel upon for the rest of my life. I opted to not to become a machine (and today I really admire my decision) but to have everything in proper composition. By everything, I mean a satisfactory life. A life where I don’t have to say ‘I wish’ or ‘I don’t have time for my family or my hobbies’.

            Not a life that when I am in my fifties, sitting in a super comfortable chair in front of a round table, listening to some boring presentation and suddenly my mind catches a thought “Godamn! What the fuck am I doing here? I had to attend my child’s convocation. How happy he would have been! Come on, you piscine, wrap it up fast. I have to go before convocation ends.” Rather I’d admire one where I can give proper time to everything I want to give to; my family, my friends, my work, the music I want to listen to on loop, the books I want to read and to everything that soothes my soul.

            So I dropped the idea of IT Industry and chose to go on hunt for Public Sector. I began preparing for the plum posts of the public sector that I had aspired of during my childhood.

            As they say, life is never easy. It’s not that I don’t admire its beauty but it certainly doesn’t go as per our plans. It always has hurdles associated with its splendor.

            I met some medical complications and was strictly advised bed rest and to stay away from phone, laptop, books for at least six months. That was really heartbreaking. Obviously, it would be disastrous to anyone especially to someone like me who always has a list of books in his mind. After thinking few weeks, I figured out a plan to beat this unwelcome situation because if I didn’t, I would have not lived almost six precious months of my life. I thought that the doctor has only forbidden me from reading new books but he didn’t say anything about what I have already learnt. And I planned to enter into teaching. Certainly, what can stop the unstoppable!


            Apparently, I’m doing what I had thought of during my childhood. And I’m really doing it honestly and with all my heart, the profession which I accidentally entered into.

            When I look upon the past, the first thought that comes to my mind is that despite all its hardships, life is undoubtedly beautiful. Everything revolves around in a circle. You plan something but something else happens which you weren’t prepared for. And that is the time when your patience and sanity gets tested.

            Be like a river. Don’t get attached to or comfortable with anything. Life can change its music at the spur of a moment. Like the river flows from glaciers to the plains, from mountains to the jungles. It adjusts itself everywhere as per the situation demands. It just doesn’t stop, flowing incessantly, making new and diverting from its intrinsic path. Be so resilient. Just keep on going, not affected by the ups and downs of life. 

PS: I just completed the precious twenty five years of my life on June 19, 2018. A journey without regrets, without ‘I wish’. Honestly, I didn’t just complete but I lived and loved this journey so far. And I wish, I keep on doing that for the rest of my life…


5 thoughts on “The Amazing Journey of Twenty Five Years

  1. Hey, this is such an inspiring blog post. Belated happy birthday to you and thank you for sharing your journey of 25 years so vividly with your readers.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours. Very pleased to meet you!

    Kind Regards,

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