A Letter to Self

            Life is full of ups and downs. Happiness is a moment and sadness is a period. Everyone has dreams, expectations and obviously, unexpected situations entailing unwanted struggle. Failure breaks a person. Or should I put it in another way that expectations break a person when they don’t meet.


            People dream. They work hard. They expect. They fail. They fall. That’s how it works. But that’s the half truth. That’s only one side of the story. Let me complete it for you.

            People dream. They work hard. They expect. They fail. They fall. They cry. They get up. They dream again. They work harder. They keep working harder until they taste success.


            That’s how it works. I’m not asking you to stop dreaming but all I’m asking you is to work harder on your dreams with proper planning. Re-visit your dreams. Re-think over it. Re-plan. Re-start as many times as you need. Don’t underestimate the power of Re. ‘Re’ is a damn powerful prefix and so are you!

            Don’t be consumed by what went wrong or what didn’t work out. Just stay focused. Don’t lose hope. You’re still alive. You’re still learning. Just concentrate on your future plans. Move forward. That’s the only direction where you have to go.


            Be determined. The mistakes you have made do never define who you are today. Accept the mistakes you have made. Learn the lesson so you can tell others. Be accountable for your actions so you can grow. But always forgive yourself so you can heal.

            Take your time. Take rest. But don’t quit.



Images: Internet


2 thoughts on “A Letter to Self

  1. Yes. Agreed. Your pictures are stunning. And I agree with you…it’s good to dream, but we also need to work at it. Thanks for some motivation on a rainy, dreary day here…

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