I’m youth of India and I’m tired of both bjp and congress

I’m youth of India and I, truly, am tired of both the major political parties of this country. There are so many people who often question my dislike for bjp and congress.

Everyone knows what congress is. How they looted India and even let other alliance partners enjoy the loot. So better not talk about it.

Since people were tired head over heels with congress so they gifted power to bjp in hope of some miraculous change and under the spell of a demagogue.

Here are the reasons why I dislike bjp. Actually, dislike is such a soft word. In fact, I hate bjp.

1. They got power with the support of plain lies in their election rallies and manifesto like huge employment, bring back black money, apply swaminathan report etc (there’s a long list which everyone is aware of. Let’s not waste our time into that).

2. Media is fourth pillar of democracy. Just after they came to power, bjp has gagged media in a shocking way. India ranks at a low 136 among 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index even behind its neighbours. The debates media is creating are not on unemployment but they distinguish biryani and khichdi as which is muslim and which is hindu.

Moreover, there’s an environment of foolishness all around. You see, what kind of shit is going on eg. indian science congress was in news for the same reason. They are digging mahabharta for myths like test tube baby etc. Is it my India of 21st century?

3. Demonetisation? Do i really need to say anything about this? A marvellous step was implemented in the worst way possible. People stood in queues without complaining anything and with high hopes to help government in getting corruption and the corrupt bridled. And what they got? Middle finger.

4. I’m not getting into so called scams like rafale because all the investigating agencies are in hands of the government. If allegations of scams like rafale etc are true or not, we will get to know in future when the parrot is in some other hands. And please don’t say that there’s is no corruption in this deal. Involvement of amabani is the biggest proof of wide corruption. So let’s not discuss it now and hope that the clouds will diminish and we will be able to see clear sky in future.

5. They’ve created a dangerous environment of bigotry and hatred especially against muslims. This is certainly not the India our freedom fighters had imagined. India is widely known for its unity and secularism but now mob lynching of muslims and poor has become a new fad. Speaking against bjp has now become speaking against the country. Really? I don’t know when did bjp become India or India become bjp. Anti-national is the new term they coined for those who speak for the country. And unfortunately, some of the brave hearts like Gauri Lankesh have lost their lives just because they denied to accept that India is bjp.

6. He is no way different from hitler. In fact, if you’ve read about hitler you can really compare the two dictators. Shockingly, you will find no difference. The way CBI, ED and other government agencies are working for the government, apologies, correction- for bjp is despicable. bjp is just threatening opposition with govt agencies. Here, the paper isn’t subjective. It’s objective, MCQ, but they give just two choices- either say bjp is the best party or ED and CBI are waiting eagerly to put you behind the bars.

7. Unemployment. Briefly, i believe unemployment is entailed by overpopulation. Since you can’t kill people but you can create new jobs for them. Can’t you? You could tie-up with foreign countries which need manpower (which already 70% of the punjab is doing on its own in Canada, Australia and many other countries). Forget that for a while, you could fill the huge number of existing vacancies in public sector. Reports say, in India, about 2 lakh vacancies are merely in education sector.

8. A report recently published says India’s loan increased by a whopping 50%. I’m like wtf. I still remember the demagogue saying in one of his election rallies ‘mitron desh me jab bacha paida hota hain toh uspe itna itna karz hota hain’. And this increase in loan isn’t for school, colleges, universities, hospitals but for foolish projects like bullet train. Forget building new hospitals and schools, couldn’t they improve the state of already running hospitals and schools. Will building statues save progeny from diseases sprawling legs so fast like cancer? Bhakts better question themselves- Will building statues and bullet train help people of this country get a better life or schools and hospitals? I’m sure it isn’t difficult for you to make a choice.

Just a week ago, I was thinking that doesn’t matter how bad a PM Modi is but since India doesn’t have any choice so people should vote for him. But after the report of increase in loan is published, I can ponder over his poor economic policies of the past five years (almost) and steps like poor implementation of demonetisation, GST and projects like bullet train and now 50% increase in loan in just four years; that’s shocking. It’s dangerous for the country’s economy. It’s dangerous for the country, for 1.3 billion people.

So the way the ruling party is working is just unacceptable to me as a citizen, as a voter. And i have every damn right to express my views. Now, I’m of the opinion that doesn’t matter who comes to power but certainly, anyone can rule better than modi.

PS- I support Arvind Kejriwal because of his honesty and great success in education and health sector. Proof of Kejriwal’s honesty is given by none other the PM himself. After so many raids on Kejriwal by various agencies of the central government they couldn’t find anything against him. Because if Kejriwal were corrupt, Modi would have upended him by now.


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