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Dear visitor,

Welcome to my blog!

It’s truly a pleasure and honour to meet you. I thank you in advance for paying a visit to this page to know me. And I wish you all the luck in everything you do for the years to come.


I’m like everyone else but I have some qualities of my own.

I’m a very passionate person trying to be honest in and with life. Like every person, I have dreams in my eyes, smile on my face, pain in my heart, fierce spirit in my body and a mind which never tires of trying new. I feel, dreaming is a way of achieving happiness when dreams are your own. Whatever life gifts me, I never stop dreaming.

I was twelve when I participated for the first time in a cultural program of my school. It was a quiz competition. And from there on, I got addicted to the stage like people get addicted to their beloved. Whether it be a quiz competition, cultural program, sports meet, writing, speech or anchoring; I always carved a niche in the team. This made me a flamboyant student during my titular education period and education bestowed tag of a Computer Science Engineer on me.

Music, travelling, poetry, photography and food are what I live for.

Slow and steady, from an extrovert I became an introvert, hiding a world in my mind and heart which grows every fraction of a second. I had never thought of writing but life played its magical tone and brought me to the doors of this vast author fraternity. So when thoughts come to the brim and begin to ooze out, I ask my pen for help.

Sometimes, I love peace, silence and others laughter, gossip and fun. I laugh weirdly when I’m surrounded with my loved ones because they are never going to judge me for the way I’m laughing. Also, I love filling other hearts with laughter strokes but sometimes, when I’m alone and thinking, society scares me. The way we are divided in religions, castes, creeds really frightens me. And the way agenda of hatred, bigotry is thriving day by day which entails terrorism is really daunting. We need to be more tolerant and peace lover rather than extremists and destroyer.

I’m a gourmand, funny, wanderer, nature lover, atheist, die-hard optimist, very patient, observer and always a learner.

So basically,
I’m an innovative mind filled with fun, love and obviously, some bitter experiences and lessons of life.

●’हिन्दी’ से प्रेम है। ‘अंग्रेजी’ अच्छी लगती है।

पढ़ना मेरा शौक है, लिखना मनमर्ज़ी, ख़ामोशी खुदगर्ज़ी।

●कल आएँगे मुझसे बेहतर कहने वाले… तुमसे बेहतर सुनने वाले.!

●Proud Indian.


Respectfully yours with sincere gratitude,

Pardeep Nain


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